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NTU-EU Funded Business Mentoring

Develop your business with fully-funded mentoring in a range of areas

Nottingham Trent University (NTU)  delivers a business mentoring programme that is 100% funded by NTU and the EU. Under the programme up to 25 hours of mentoring is available in the following areas:

  • Business strategy and value proposition: To support businesses to develop or enhance a business strategy that makes the business or product/service more attractive to potential customers.
  •  Marketing, sales and customer service: To review and provide businesses with the knowledge and tools to ensure a joint/complimentary marketing, sales and customer service strategy.
  • Sales and marketing: To raise awareness of, and show businesses how to implement new sales and marketing techniques/processes.
  • Digital marketing social media and e-commerce: To review and support businesses to enhance their online presence through digital marketing, social media and e-commerce.
  • Change management: Support to leaders/managers to redirect the use of resource, business process budgets or other modes of operation that affect the organisation and them personally. How to approach this and developing a plan to avoid difficulties and ensure effective change implementation.
  • Cash flow and financial management: To support businesses with planning and management tools/techniques for cash flow and finances for new projects/ business growth.
  • Food product branding: To provide businesses with branding support for their food and drink products including what visually works best on a shelf, what information needs to be included on labels etc.



What is the programme called?

  • The programme is called Enabling Innovation and consists of a range of different schemes of support.  “Mentoring for established businesses” is just one scheme.

Who is the ”Mentoring for established businesses” scheme for?

  • The scheme is open to established businesses with under 250 employees that are based in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Who delivers the mentoring?

  • The mentoring is delivered by various consultancy firms that operate under an  NTU Framework. Silverlock is one of the consultancy firms that is able to deliver the mentoring.

How often do mentoring sessions occur?

  • Mentoring sessions typically occur on a weekly or fortnightly basis and typically last 1-2 hours.

What about start-up businesses?

  • NTU also provides mentoring for start-up businesses under the Enabling Innovation programme.

To apply or find out further information

To apply or find out more, please contact the following Innovation Co-ordinators at  Nottingham Trent University