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Opportunity Review Consultancy

This review provides you with clarity about a tender opportunity and whether it is worth bidding

Working through an Invitation to Tender document can be a bit like trying to understand a manual with complex instructions in an area that we are unfamiliar with (e.g. a Haynes car manual). In order to help organisations get a clear understanding about a tender we have developed our Opportunity Review Consultancy. Under this service one of our two Procurement Consultants will either discuss it with you in a telephone conversation, or have a  face-to-face meeting with you with to talk through the tender documents.

A major benefit of this service is that it can easily save you thousands of  pounds of wasted effort.


  • To maximise your chance of winning a tender.
  • To help you make a good commercial decision as to whether to bid for a specific tender.
  • To help you understand key items you will need to address if you are to be successful with a tender.


The benefits include:

  • Saving you considerable amounts of time that would be spent pursuing tenders that are either unlikely to be won or not worth winning.
  • Improving the quality of your response – by identifying key issues that you need to consider and focus on.
  • Identifying what questions to ask over the procurement portal in order to maximise your change of success.
  • Reducing confusion and uncertainty by giving you access to a procurement expert to discuss any issues.

How it works

We would recommend that you contact us within a few days of the tender being issued to discuss what type of support you are looking for. We will  confirm our capacity to do the work and discuss a suitable time for it to take place. We provide the following options:

Face-to-face meeting  – Under this option one of our consultants will analyse the tender documents, and then have a 2-hour meeting with yourselves to talk through key issues that stand out and answer questions that you might have.   The cost for most small and medium sized tenders would be £600 plus travel expenses. Large tenders are prices separately.

Over the phone advice – 1- hour – Under this option one of our consultants will have an hour-long telephone conversation with you. The cost of this is £100. Please note this does not cover any pre-reading of tender documents.

Over the phone advice – 2- hours – Under this option one of our consultants will spend 1 hour reviewing the tender documents before having an hour-long telephone conversation with you. The cost of this is £200.


Please note the minimum amount of consultancy time that can be purchased is 1 hour, and that all costs will need to be paid in full before the meeting or telephone conversation takes place.


The work is carried out by one of our two very experienced Procurement Consultants – Mark Lloyd or Lesley Coombes. Both Mark and Lesley are members of the CIPS, and have many years experience in evaluating tenders within procurement roles in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Further Information

For further information contact Dewi on 0115 9266477 or dewi@silverlock.co.uk