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10 reasons for choosing Silverlock

If you need to submit tenders to win contracts, it is important to do it well. By working with Silverlock you get access to excellent writers and procurement expertise that enables you to produce strong bids and tenders.

Testimonial about Silverlock by Switch 2 Energy Ltd 

Ten reasons for choosing Silverlock

1. We increase your chance of success

We write strong bids – drawing on our years of experience in bid writing, procurement and evaluation.

2. We save you time – so you can focus on other key management issues

A typical tender can take 40-120 hours of a manager’s time – which is 40-120 hours where other key work isn’t being done. When you work with Silverlock, we handle the bid writing on your behalf, and enable you to focus on running the business.

3. We produce great material that you can reuse in other bids

Once we have produced well written content for one tender, there is nothing to stop you using it for other tenders.

4. We develop your bid writing skills

We are a tender writing and training company. Many of our clients develop in-house tender writing skills just by working with us.

5. We help you develop your bid writing systems

Producing a strong tender requires good project management. By working with us, you will experience first-hand what good practice bid management looks like.

6. We increase your objectivity

When completing your own tenders, it is easy to focus on your own pet subject, rather than exactly what you have been asked for. As a result answers miss the buyer’s requirement.  Our consultants provide independent and objective advice how best to meet the buyer’s requirements.

7. We help you understand and meet procurement rules

Procurement rules are very inflexible and can easily result in bids being excluded if not compliant – which means a lot of wasted time and money.  By working with us you gain access to excellent understanding and advice on procurement rules.

8. We reduce pressure which improves bid quality

Often in-house bid writing is done at night by managers on top of their day job. Most work ends up being done in the week before the deadline. As pressure increases, so do mistakes – which communicate lack of attention to detail to the buyer. When you work with Silverlock, we handle bid management on your behalf and make sure it is well planned and executed.

9. We tailor the tender to the buyer

As part of our role we research the things that re important to the buyer, so that the tender is in line with what they are interested in.

10. We provide feedback on your draft bid

Often SMEs have no idea of the quality of their tender until they get feedback from a buyer after failing with a real tender. Our procurement expert provides detailed feedback and advice before your bid is submitted – thereby enabling you to improve it before submission.