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Tendering Consultancy

Our Tendering Consultancy helps you get a clear understanding of the buyer’s requirements and use best practice in tendering.

If submitting some form of PQQ or tender is a key part of how you win work,  then it is vital you do it well.  Our tendering consultancy will give you advice that will help you to submit a strong PQQ/bid and increase your likelihood of success.


  • To help you become you get through the PQQ stage of a tender process.
  • To help you win a contract by submitting a strong tender.


These can include:

  • Improving the quality of PQQs and tenders you submitby identifying key issues you need to consider
  • Increasing your understanding of what the buyer is looking for
  • Improving the quality of your answers and evidence you include
  • Improving your bid management and in-house tendering systems
  • Putting together a timeplan for the bid writing work
  • Increasing your understanding of complex procurement related issues
  • Enabling you to make the best use of the procurement portal


The work is carried out by one of our two very experienced Procurement Consultants – Mark Lloyd or Lesley Coombes. Both Mark and Lesley are members of the CIPS, and have many years experience in evaluating tenders in the public, private and voluntary sectors.


Consultancy purchased on a retainer basis – Clients buy consultancy time in blocks of 1 day (8 hours), which can be drawn down as required. The consultancy rate is £600 a day (plus travel expenses), and any unused consultancy time can be carried forward for a 4-month period.

A minimum of 1 day’s time can be purchased. Time allocation can include meetings, research, preparation, review etc. and will be discussed with clients at the start of the project.


Over the phone advice 

1- hour - Our consultant will have 1-hour telephone conversation with you. The cost of this is £100. Please note this does not cover any pre-reading of documents.

2- hours - Our consultant will spend 1-hour reviewing the PQQ/bid documents before having a 1-hour telephone conversation with you. The cost of this is £200.


As timescales are usually short, please contact us as soon as possible for an initial discussion.

Terms and Conditions

Payment – We will email you an invoice as soon as you decide to proceed. This will need to be paid in full before the work commences. 

While our consultants have significant experience in bidding and procurement, there is no guarantee of success.

Further Information

For further information contact Dewi Hughes on 0115 9266477 or dewi@silverlock.co.uk