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Tendering Consultancy

Our Tendering Consultancy helps you get a clear understanding of the buyer’s requirements and use best practice in tendering.

Our team of experts are on hand to provide professional insight and to help guide you through the tendering process.

We offer a range of flexible options including face-to-face consultations, which can be purchased in 8-hour blocks and drawn down as required, or phone consultations, which can be purchased on an hourly basis.

Tender writing consultancy

If you are writing your own tender response, we can provide you with a dedicated contact for you to use throughout the process, who will:

  • Identify key issues you need to consider
  • Increase your understanding of what the buyer is looking for
  • Improve the quality of your answers and the evidence you provide to support them
  • Improve your bid management and in-house tendering systems
  • Put together a timeline for your bid writing work
  • Increase your understanding of complex procurement related issues
  • Enable you to make the best use of the procurement portal

Opportunity review consultancy

This review provides you with clarity about a tender opportunity and whether it is worth bidding for. It could:

  • Save you time and money pursuing tenders that are either unlikely to be won or not worth winning
  • Improve the quality of your response by identifying key issues that you need to consider and focus on
  • Identify questions to ask over the procurement portal to maximise your chance of success

Tender editing consultancy

Structuring a tender response to make it easy to read and engaging is a process that our experts have perfected over years of tender writing experience. An easy to read, straightforward and relevant tender response is more likely to get a better score from an evaluator, so it is important to get this right.

Our experts will edit your tender and provide useful, actionable feedback to improve your response and increase your chance of success.

For support from our procurement experts with any of these areas, please call us on 0116 9266 477 or get in touch via our online form.