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Tender & Bid Writing

We increase your chance of success and save you time when tendering for contracts

Producing a strong tender is a skill. Most people hate writing tenders, they put it off till the last minute, find the whole process stressful and confusing, and then end up losing. Not a good experience!

We have put together a skilled team of tender writers that write well, understand the public sector procurement mindset, and are good at project managing the bid production process. As a result we submit strong bids for our clients that increase their chances of success. We also save them lots of time and stress.

Experience of using Silverlock to produce a tender


“We recently used Silverlock to draft a complex tender that had a very short deadline.

Silverlock was very thorough in researching the buyer and gathering material for inclusion in the bid – things that we would never have thought of.

The project was managed very well, and we had complete confidence in hitting the short timescale.

The final bid was brilliant. It was very thorough and a massive improvement on what we have been submitting.

We would have no hesitation on using Silverlock to draft future tenders for us.”

Phil Waller, Managing Director of P Waller (Decorators) Ltd

How we work

Our clients normally contact us when they are looking to bid for a specific tender and don’t have the time or skills to do it in-house.

We then meet with them (or sometimes have a telephone conversation) to understand what they are looking for. This might be writing the whole bid, writing part of it, or just providing input during the bid writing process. If there is a specific tender/PQQ they wish to pursue, we would ask to see the Invitation to Tender/PQQ documents.

We would then normally provide a proposal with a fixed cost for completing the tender and a simple time-plan for what needs to happen when.

Benefits of working with Silverlock

We work with a number of clients from many different industries in the UK. These include private, public and third sector organisations. These are some of the benefits we provide to our clients:

  • Increasing likelihood of winning bids/tenders
  • Submission of well-written, strong PQQs and tenders that are focused on what is important to the buyer
  • Freeing up staff time that would otherwise be required
  • Ability to take on the work at very short notice
  • Gaining new and improved skills/knowledge in bid writing and bid management
  • Developing well-written material for use in future bids
  • Reducing  stress associated with tender writing
  • Reducing time spent pursing bids that  are unlikely to be won
  • Raising the profile and credibility the organisation

How to find out more

Just contact us on 0115 9266477 or send us a message via the “Contact us” page.

FAQs on Tender & Bid Writing Service

1. How much does it cost?

The price depends on how much work is involved. This in turn depends on: (1) How long and complex the tender documents are, and (2) How easy it is to get relevant information about your organisation so that we can write strong answers. Once we have seen the ITT/PQQ  we will usually provide a fixed quote for the work.

2. How long does it take?

This depends on the length and complexity of the tender document. We typically find a  PQQ would take 2 – 3 consultancy days, and a tender would take 5-15 consultancy days. Once we have done one PQQ/tender for you, it will be much easier to do a second one – so the price would normally be cheaper (unless it is more complex).

3. How quickly can you start?

Sometimes we can start work on the same day. Once you contact us, and send us the tender documents, we can cost the work and let you know if we have capacity to take on the work.

4. How can you write a tender in something, when you are not an expert in the technology?

You bring the expertise in the technology, we bring the expertise in bid writing and understanding the mindset of the public sector.

5. How do you get the required information in order to answer the questions in the tender?

The two main ways we gather the information are (1) from previous tenders that  you have submitted; (2) from talking through each of the answers with you.

6. Do you work weekends?

Often we do. If you have an urgent tender, we will do our best to find a solution that works. Many of our writers have  capacity to do work on weekends and in the evening – although this might be a bit more expensive if it is at short notice. We will provide you with draft time-plan for each bid which will outline what will happen and when.

7. Can we contact you on the weekend to discuss taking on a new project?

Absolutely. You can ring us on 079101 499945 and leave a message if there is no immediate response. Someone will return your call as soon as possible (usually within a few hours).

8. What happens if you have 2 clients who want to bid for the same tender?

We would never write bids for 2 clients bidding for the same tender where there only one potential winner. It would be unethical and would damage our reputation. If a second organisation approached us when we were already drafting a bid on behalf of another, we would have to decline the second piece of work.

9. Who uploads the bid document onto the tender portal?

This is entirely up to the client. As we regularly deal with website portals most of our clients prefer us to handle the uploading,

10. What guarantee is there of success?

There is no guarantee of success – otherwise every organisation bidding for a contract would simply employ a great bid writer. Procurement is about choosing the best offer  - the risk is that a poorly written bid fails to communicate a strong offer, and that a weaker “product” ends up getting a higher score and being chosen.