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Training Courses

We run a number of training courses to develop your skills in winning contracts and writing effectively

Learn from Experience

Our courses are based on real world experience gained from years spent appraising and writing tenders/ bids for funding


We'll show you everything you need to do, think about and include when you're submitting a tender or bid, to increase the chances of it being successful.

Post Course Support

Following your bid writing course, we provide free over the phone advice on simple issues, and the option to purchase further mentoring as you need it.

Bespoke Courses

Silverlock also delivers bespoke tender writing training courses and business writing courses around your particular needs. Give us a call on 0115 9266 477 to discuss your options.

Further Questions

Do you have further questions regarding our training services? Contact us today and talk directly to a member of our team, we are always happy to help.

Evaluation and learning

We carefully evaluate each course that we run. This includes a self-assessment of learning by course attendees. Please click below links to download recent evaluation and self-assessment of learning reports.

Evaluation & Learning Report – PQQ course – 1

Evaluation & Learning report – Writing Strong Tenders course – 2

Our Courses