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    Improve the quality of your answers with our Tender Feedback service

    Our Tender Feedback helps increase the score of your tender by giving you feedback on your answers to the quality questions, and recommendations for how to improve them.


    These include:

    What is included


    We will confirm our price when we know what you require. For guidance purposes:

    How it works

    1. Contact us as soon as possible to check our capacity to do a review.
    2. We will confirm our capacity, price and timescale. If you want the review doing over a weekend or in an evening, we would charge an additional 20%.
    3. Once you have paid our invoice, we will book your slot or carry out the review.
    4. You send us the tender documentation and your draft quality answers in Word format.
    5. We email you our suggested amendments and feedback using “Track Changes” on Word.