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    If you have a very short timescale to submit a tender get in touch with us urgently

    Sometimes clients only find out about a tender a few days before the deadline.

    If this happens (and several of our clients have come to us this way), get in touch with us urgently by ringing 079101 49945 or 0115 9266 477 for an initial conversation. You will then need to email us the tender documentation so we can calculate the amount of resource required to do the work, and see if we have the capacity to help you. As the work will probably require working evenings and weekends, the cost will be higher than our normal rate.

    Once we have calculated the amount of resource required, we will email you a proposal, a suggested time-plan for doing the work and a price. You will need to let us know urgently if you wish to proceed and pay a deposit.

    Reasons we can help even when the timescale is short