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Tender Editing Consultancy

Our tender editing consultancy helps you improve the written quality of your bid

One of the main challenges we come across is that tenders can be difficult to read. As evaluators only have limited time, they will usually be skim reading. If answers are difficult to find, complex and longwinded, then the evaluator will disconnect, and be much more likely to award a low score. If the tender is easy to read, straightforward and relevant, then the evaluator is more likely to give it a higher score.


To help you improve the written quality of a tender.

What our tender editor will do?

Our tender editor will edit your tender so that it is easier to read and evaluate. They do this by:

  • Ensuring that each question is being answered
  • Improving use of headings and subheadings
  • Simplifying the writing
  • Reducing long sentences and paragraphs
  • Referring to things that are important for the buyer
  • Removing irrelevant wording
  • Improving the formatting
  • Ensuring correct grammar and spelling


The benefits include:

  • Improving the written quality of a tender.
  • Increasing your likelihood of winning a particular contract.
  • Producing well-written material that you can use in future tenders.


The work is carried out by one of our senior tender writers – these include an award-winning international author and former government press officers.

How it works

  • Contact us as soon as possible before the date that you want the work doing. You will need to send us a copy of the ITT and the approximate number of pages that you will want us to edit.
  • We will confirm our capacity, our timescale and give you an indicative price.


We charge £600 per day for tender editing consultancy carried out by one of our senior tender writers.

Further Information

For further information contact Dewi on 0115 9266477 or dewi@silverlock.co.uk.