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    Improve the quality of the answers in your bid/tender

    One of the main issues we come across when organisations submit bids or tenders is that answers are poorly written. This is often because they are written by subject matter experts and not experts in writing. Using a subject matter expert to draft content can result in answers that are complex and focused on what is important to the expert, rather than what the question that the buyer is asking.

    If answers are confusing, longwinded and do not answer the question, then evaluators disconnect and be more likely to award a low score. If the bid is well-written and provides the information required, the evaluator is more likely to award a high score. Under our Bid Editing Service, one of our editors will review your draft and suggest changes so as to significantly improve its readability.

    The editing is carried out by Paul Robbins.


    The benefits of our bid editing service include:


    Our normal method when working with clients to draft a tender is as follows:

    1. Contact us Contact us as soon as possible for an initial discussion. We will need to know the length of the material and the timescale for the work.
    2. Price We will check and writers’ capacity to do the work and let you know the price. Prices start from £800.
    3. Book a review slot Once you have paid the invoice for the work, we will book an editing slot.
    4. Send draft You send us the draft content in Word format.
    5. Editing We suggest changes and provide comments to the content using the Track Changes feature of Word. We then return it to you by the agreed time.

    If you would like help with editing a bid, please get in touch online, or call 0115 9266 477.