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Course Feedback

Really great course that has given me a lot of knowledge I can now take into work to help us have a comprehensive and structured tender process.

Ryan Alls, Business Development Manager, Rainbows

A really great two-day course, providing a breadth of content as well as plenty of practical resources to take away. I came away feeling confident and reassured. Dewi has a wealth of experience to draw on, is engaging and really happy to answer participants’ questions. He tailors the course to the attendees’ organisational area as much as is possible within the timeframe.

Amie Frayne, Cranstoun

I felt more confident in my ability to make some changes in our bidding activity and hopefully improve our success rate.

Laura Shepherd, Nottingham City Council

This was a really great course – full of useful, relevant and topical information delivered by an experienced and dynamic duo. Real value was added.

Emma Engstrom, Tricordant Ltd

The course was very helpful. The illustrated examples really helped us to understand how to improve our tenders.

Christine Anglesea, Swindell & Pearson Ltd

Very helpful, good information

Mahir Raoof, Swindell & Pearson Ltd

Excellence course. It has been really useful in bringing me (a tender novice) up to speed with how to write a good tender!

Natasha Hybner, Swindell & Pearson Ltd

The course has given me the right start to approach the public sector tender process confidently

Helen Taylor, Hosta Consulting Ltd

The content and delivery of the course was an exceptionally high standard, and I have gained a wealth of valuable and usable information to take away

Emma Goss, Innova House

Very useful course, will either make you money or save you time

Will Evans, Performance Networks

Dewi and Mark’s in-depth knowledge and sharing of their experiences, has provided an eye opening insight that I’m sure can save us time and money in our tender bidding process

Chris Berry, Morgan Tucker

I think this course will prove to be an invaluable investment for our company. An excellent course

Joanna Ward, Morgan Tucker

A course with great content covering the tender process from start to finish. Invaluable information given by Dewi and Mark delivered in a friendly manner.

Toni Roberts, Disabilities Living Centre

Think the course was pitched at all levels of ability

Karen Dexter, Disabilities Living Centre

I felt the course was very interesting and comprehensive. Well delivered.

Debbie Wooley, Second2None Healthcare

I think this course is an excellent way the Nottingham City Council to support local businesses to develop their ability to put again a successful tenders. Thank you!

Katie Holmes, Home-Start Nottinghamshire/ Second Chance Learning Academy

Having attended Silverlock’s ‘Writing Strong Tenders’ course 6 weeks ago, the workbook hasn’t left my side since my return! It’s incredibly useful, resulting in a more focused and confident approach to both the written tender and request for feedback

Deborah Wilson, Universal Live

Lots of tips and tricks to put gloss on my future applications.

Tim Morgan, Superdrug Healthcare

The course was great, stuffed full of insights, information and advice from Dewi who has a wealth of experience.

Martin Heatie, Newplan Solutions

Very good course as intimate and ability to discuss individual issues.

Martin Sanderson, BJP Home Support

Excellence training session. Lots of useful information and tips for writing successful tenders.

Charlotte Holley, Longhurst Group

Gave me an excellent insight into tender writing. I now feel much more confident in this area.

Jackie Harris, Longhurst Group

It was very timely as I am in the process of writing a framework bid and the advice will help me to focus and hopefully give the buyer what they want in an accessible format.

Fiona Taylor, Longhurst Group

All very useful as I had no prior knowledge on writing bids.

Matt Taylor, Longhurst Group

Very informative and productive training. Would be good to have more information on legislation.

Ben Kirwan, Longhurst Group

Really useful and informative training course.

Dawn Richards, Longhurst Group

Has really helped. Had very little knowledge of procurment but have come away with a good foundation to build on.

Sarah Gregory, Longhurst Group

Dewi was very approachable and flexible in his delivery. Really give me a good understanding of “how to”. This was really great and thank you for being so responsive to our needs.

C Perry, Rushcliffe CVS

Demystifying a complex subject!

Liz Lowe, RCVS

Accessible, interesting and relevant training. Easy clear to understand and absorb.

Carole Green, Rushcliffe CVS

The ease of the trainer enabled an increase of understanding as there was no need to panic over what wasn’t known. Thank you. Priceless day.

Deborah Wilson, Universal Live

Knowledgeable trainer, very informative course, delivered at the correct pace.

Moira MacDonald, MSM Environmental Services

I came on the course as a complete novice but now have the confidence and understanding to develop a robust bid for future tenders on behalf of my organisation

Andrew Champion, Velindre NHS Trust

Well presented course with simple & understandable guidance

Darren Slater, NST Group

Following the training I have picked up some very useful tips when completing PQQs and tenders that I believe will make a huge difference. I feel a lots more confidence in completing tenders and we look forward to completing the next one as opposed to dreading it. I feel that I have received the right information and guidance that will help us improve our tender writing and win a lot more contracts

Michelle Khan, Exclusec Security Solutions

I have found the course very helpful and have applied a lot that I didn’t know.

Sherene Mattis, Decorclean WM

Helped show me where I could improve to increase the company’s chances of winning tenders, and in some instances confirmed what I’m doing is right


Very well run course to suit the specific requirement. I feel like I have learned a lot from today and can now go forward with more confidence to implement ideas for improvement.


A thorough and practical course with lots of real life examples. Enjoyed very much

Paul Kennedy, Etain Ltd

Takes a daunting subject and presents a clear and acheivable solution

Paul Wright, Staffordshire County Council

Good description of course aims and content advertised in advance and delivered

John Mitchell, Enterprise First

A hugely informative course. Dewi was great and it was really interesting to hear about other people’s experiences

Paul Griffiths, Integrated Security Consultants Ltd

I found this course extremely useful and believe it will dramatically improve my tender writing and management skills

Holly Lawlor, Thames Laboratories

A very informative, clear and engaging course.

Francesca Sykes, Promar

Very helpful and enjoyable. Thank you very much!

Lydia Sutcliffe, Glancy Nicholls architects

Learned a lot of key pointers that will be very valuable in future tender opportunities.

Hazel Chislett, Spratt Endicott

Very useful and helpful in improving my knowledge of writing strong tenders

Jackie Heath, DWMH

Very succinct to training, clear, concise and easy to understand. This will make a huge difference to our approach and hopefully success in bid writing.

Rachel Roberts, Dudley and Walsall MH NHS trust

Good introduction to the tender writing and best practice

Nici McGrath, DWMH

Good course to take if you have just started engaging PQQs and tender processes!

David Miller, Bandera Ltd

Although I have done PQQs and ITTs, I very much enjoyed the course and there are aspects I gained.

Raj Pancholi, IDC Ltd

Excellent content. Interesting group discussions. I found this course both interesting and informative and I am very keen to plan so my future PQQs.

Jo Ryan, IWJS Ltd

Extremely useful. Very good, concise and interesting. Excellent delivery. Food excellent. Many thanks

Sharren Taylor, Hudson Fuggle

Some good tips for successful tendering and detailed ideas.

Nicola Stickland, Contact Consulting

Great course for those starting out in tender-bidding. Really useful information. Dewi really knows what he’s talking about.

Kimberley Beale, Contact Consulting

Greatly increased my confidence in approaching future bids

Drew Barritt, A2B Excellence Ltd

Very practical, very methodical, very knowledgeable, very good

Steve Thain, Premier Print & Promotions

Informative and practical. Would be interested in attending further courses and putting these techniques in our next bid application

Clare Sanderson, Swanstaff Recruitment

Very useful. Information was invaluable. Excellent. Thank you.

Caroline Bolxlan, Highbury College

Relevant stuff, all good.

Ian Cook, Woodlands Property Services

Robust course, well delivered.

Clive Pridgeon, Woodlands Property Services

Thanks you much, really good two days

Matt Fearn, Woodlands Property Services

Very useful session – learnt a great deal on how to successfully tender with Local Authorities in-particular. I am sure we will use all the skills taught to us by Dewi over the past two days.

Kate Lovett, EDGE Services

I went into the training feeling quite negative about the public sector tendering process and came out feeling enthusiastic and confident in our ability to put together a strong tender – which was very unexpected. Thank you very much!

Kathryn Mould, EDGE Services

All very useful and delivered in a highly effective manner. Enjoyable and relevant with plenty of applicable insights.

Rusty Orwin, Saab

Thank you – very interesting and lively delivery. Time went quickly but everything was made interesting.

Deb King, GEA Denco

Very useful and a must.

Philip Griffiths, GEA Denco

Very beneficial for tender process.

Sally Mitchell, GEA Denco

Very informative and delivered with in-depth knowledge.

Paul Brant, Adcock Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

Very informative, Dewi Hughes explained everything in the way that we could all understand. He was very knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone.

Jean Dettmar, Houseman Water Hygiene Specialists

Excellent friendly presentation. Professional and well delivered. Very helpful hard copy of presentation and handouts

Joshua Pollock, Houseman Water Hygiene Specialists

Dewi was excellent at explaining each stage and made the course very enjoyable.

Louis Wyborn, Houseman Water Hygiene Specialists

A definite must for anyone who is doing funding. Focuses on the most important thing which is the funder and how you help them meet their objectives

Ethel, Betel of Britain

Dewi’s approach was relevant and engaging. He was able to explain things simply whilst really helping to change the way I manage applications

Maria King, Betel of Britain

Very informative easy to follow, and answered many questions that I had. Dewi did a fantastic job incorporating everyone in the group, giving real life examples and thoroughly explaining the material

Jules Graczyk, Integritas Advocacy

Gave me a great bank of tools , guidance and structure to use to refine bids and be as successful as possible in achieving my goal

Rachael Sherry, Integritas Advocacy

Dewi provided a balance of broad advice and clearer detail. I feel significantly more confident in writing and presenting any future bids

Annie Littlewood, Substantia

Good tips and handouts throughout – particularly re FOI request

Lynn Tuplin, Bassetlaw Action Centre

Lots of detailed and useful information – some very useful and easily implemented tips to help bids stand out.

Jill Pateman, Bassetlaw CVS

As a newcomer to the tendering process, this course gave me a very comprehensive overview and covered all relevant topics for our organisation

Jill Goodwill, City and Hackney Mind

This is a really good overview for those about to get involved in the tendering process even at a beginners level, it makes you feel more confident and gives good grounding on the process.

Michael Kings, City and Hackney Mind

I feel I can take away some great tools to help develop and structure future bids

Vicky Wright, City and Hackney Mind

The trainer (Dewi) made its accessible by his simple but effective delivery. It was clear and methodical

Nichola Lauder, City and Hackney Mind

A refreshingly practical course

Rebecca Ward, City and Hackney Mind

Excellent introduction to the tender process the managers who have never been involved in the Tendering/bid process. Course content and delivery was easy to follow and understand. Thoroughly enjoyed the training today.

Pam Shakespeare, City and Hackney Mind

The course has helped me enormously to understand the tendering process

Steve Cartwright, Cygnus Automotive

Very comprehensive and the right level of detail

Simon Calvert, Leicestershire Fit For Work

Really helped clarify how we could improve our process

Mandy Wardle, Leicestershire Fit For Work

Dewi delivered an excellent course understood by all levels of the attendees, encouraged great debate, helping to facilitate the team to arrive at some key action points.

Martin Hartley-Smith, Child Action Northwest

The bid writing course really helped us to think about the development of an internal bid writing process to achieve efficiency and electiveness within the organisation

Angela Chapman, Child Action Northwest

Found the course in developing our approach and resources in working with tenders and grants

Sue Cotton, Child Action Northwest

The training programme really made me think about tenders submitted previously and how we definitely could have improved on these

Andy Bennett, Child Action Northwest

Dewi made the course personal to us, using our materials to highlight where we need to improve. Thoroughly enjoyable session

Gemma Bowers, Regular Cleaning Services Ltd

We have the skills required to carry out the services we tender for, but previously lacked the skills to express this in the tender documents. This course has given us those

Pauline Carrigan, Regular Cleaning Services Ltd

I enjoyed the course and it was very helpful. It was pitched just right for RCS

Terry Carrigan, Regular Cleaning Services Ltd

Fully achieved the objectives by keeping to all relevant points and well controlled and delivered

David Sambrook, Regular Cleaning Services Ltd

The focus of the training was excellent with a mix of planning, strategy and bid construction techniques. I have learnt a lot which can be easily implemented to improve our current processes

Rob Moorcock, Regular Cleaning Services Ltd

I thought the clarity of content was brilliant. A really informative and educating session

Rob Moorcock, Regular Cleaning Services Ltd

Very useful – leaving excited and full of ideas for moving Office and General forward sales wise

Billie Coleman, Office and General Environmental Services Ltd

I have received more information than I could have expected – I feel I have more skills and a lot more confidence to write tenders

Jayne Field

Thank you – brilliant. Feel more confident and excited to put this into practice

Sarah Habergham, DLP services Ltd

Dewi is a great tutor. Everything makes sense and he keeps everything interesting and in context. He broke down the process of tender bid writing and management in a way that made me feel comfortable, and gave me the necessary skills and knowledge to be a capable Bid Manager

Minno Rahmann, P&B Security Services Ltd

Very informative and relevant. The course was a very good introduction to the bid writing process

Nicola Smith, Bringing Hope

Excellent course. Everything was on point

Ricky Otto, Living Experience Connections

The course has been very helpful in learning the fundamentals of tendering as a public sector body

Ron Inglis, Nottingham City Council

Excellent course, very useful that we can use immediately

Adrian Davies, Nottingham City Council

The contents was particularly useful in providing the nuts and bolts of the tender writing process, sources of valuable information which has given me a head-start and a focus for my research for potential opportunities

Andrew Davis, Linked Business Solutions Ltd

Excellent course and very well presented

Harjit Sangha, STERIS Ltd

Clear presentation with a good selection of transferable content

David Jones, Aluminium Roofline Products Ltd

A great introduction to the skill and art of bid writing

Rev Chris Knight, St Mary’s Church, Leamington Spa

The day helped to work out a plan about how to apply for funding – it was very clear and helpful

Helen Tebbatt, St Mary’s Church, Leamington Spa

Very informative – I now feel much more confident about writing a bid for funding

Sue Oldham, St Mary’s Church, Leamington Spa

Excellent insight into the bid writing process with fantastic guidance

Lyndsey Edmonds, St Mary’s Church, Leamington Spa

Excellent oral/visual content and delivery well supported by hand outs

Keith Friedson, St Nicholas Church, Kenilworth

Helpful and relevant training from an experienced practitioner. Dewi did a great job of providing a concise overview of a complex area

Bob Dudley, St John’s, Kenilworth

The course opened up a lot of areas need in making grant applications in a clear way

Mark King, St John’s Church, Kenilworth

Excellent course covered all key points and gave me confidence to write winning bids

Michelle Wass, Tender Writer

Really useful information. The course made me feel more confident about entering the tendering process.

Judy Tate, Greenfields Childcare

Very Concise, focused, informative and relevant.

Dawn Eckersley, Futures Housing Group