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    Having an effective way of reviewing your bid is a key part of the tender/bid writing process.

    To maximise your likelihood of winning a tender, it is important to get objective feedback on your draft bid. Finding someone who is able to provide, high quality, relevant, objective feedback can be very difficult.

    Under our Bid Review Service, one of our senior tendering experts will carry out a full review of your bid. They will provide detailed feedback, along with suggested amendments to wording on how it can be improved.

    In order to get the most benefit from a review, we recommend you plan it a week before the deadline. That way you still have time to strengthen your bid if suggested in the feedback. If you think you would like us to review your bid, we suggest that you get in touch with us as soon as possible. This will maximise the likelihood of us being able to do the work.

    Our clients find that a tender review not only helps improve the quality of a bid but also helps improve their tender writing skills. The benefit, therefore, extends to future tenders.

    Prices for a tender review start at £800, depending on the type of review and length of the bid document.

    “Following the help Silverlock provided to us in writing our tenders, we have successfully achieved positions on two high profile frameworks. We couldn’t have done this without the help and advice Silverlock provided to us.”

    Emma Engstrom, Tricordant Ltd

    If you would like us to review a bid you are writing, please call 0115 9266 477 or get in touch online.