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Writing Strong Tenders training course

This is our main course. It provides you with the skills, tools and knowledge on how to write strong tenders and manage the bid writing process.


Writing Strong Tenders training course

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in the tender writing process. Whether you are writing your first tender, or have been involved in tendering for a number of years and are looking to improve your techniques.

Why should you attend?

If tendering is one of the normal ways of winning work in your industry, then it is vital to do it well.

This course equips you with tools and knowledge on how to write a strong tender and how to manage the bid writing process.  It is based on 10 years experience of writing tenders on behalf of clients from a wide range of industries.

Benefits from attending

  • Increasing your likelihood of success with a tender
  • Increasing the quality of tenders that you submit
  • Reducing time wasted pursuing tenders that you are unlikely to win
  • Improving your bid management
  • Increasing your understanding of the public sector procurement mindset
  • Increasing your ability to find public sector tenders
  • Reducing stress associated with putting together a tender

Training Course Content

  • Stages in the tendering process
  • Compliance & Responsiveness
  • Understanding the buyer
  • Identifying key things to focus on
  • Preparation before a tender is released
  • Where to find contracts that you can bid for
  • Project managing the tender process
  • Good practice for bid managers
  • Deciding whether or not to bid
  • Using a tender portal effectively
  • Things that can and cannot be influenced by good bid writing
  • Completing a Standard Questionnaire
  • Policy Development
  • Understanding the evaluator
  • The Kick-Off meeting
  • Using a compliance checklist to help with bid management
  • Advising writers and subject matter experts
  • What does “significant added value” mean
  • How to produce an excellent answer
  • Evidence and what to include
  • Avoiding “hollow statements”
  • Writing style
  • Formatting
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Using & producing case studies
  • Benefits vs features
  • Discriminators/Unique selling points
  • Using good graphics to strengthen your bid
  • Using captions to get your message across
  • Use of review meetings to improve your tender
  • Completing online tenders
  • Submission tips
  • Using FOI to get information
  • 11 steps to develop your tendering process


Open courses start with registration at 9.30 am and run till 4.30 with a lunch break around 12.30. Training via Zoom is delivered over several one-to-one sessions arranged around your availability.


Courses are delivered by Dewi Hughes, founder and MD of Silverlock Tenders, one of the main tender writing companies in the Midlands. Over the last 10 years, Dewi has written, managed and overseen tenders for clients from a wide range of industries. Prior to setting up Silverlock, Dewi spent 21 years working for the Government which included 12 years appraising bids for government funding, 4 years writing for over 50 government ministers, and 4 years managing large European funded projects. Dewi is qualified with the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) and the CIPD.

Course frequency

The open course runs every few months in Nottingham. We also deliver it through several one-to-one sessions over Zoom.

On-line course delivered via Zoom

We also deliver our Writing Strong Tenders course on-line using  ‘Zoom’. The course is delivered over several one-to-one sessions arranged around your availability. For further information call 0115 9266 477.

Price: £325 plus VAT

Delivery at your premises

We can deliver the course at client premises throughout the UK and courses can also be tailored to focus on any particular needs.  If you would like a quotation for delivering the course at your premises, please get in touch online, or call 0115 9266 477.

Course Dates

  • 08/04/2020
    Malt Cross, Saint James's Street, Nottingham, UK
    £325 + VAT