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Tender Writing

Increase your likelihood of winning a tender

Producing a strong tender brings a number of major challenges over and above the quality of the product and the supplier.  These include the ability to write good answers, having the required time, project managing the bid writing work, and understanding the buyer and the tendering process.

Over the last eight years, Silverlock has developed to become one of the leading bid writing companies in the Midlands. We have done this by focusing on the following three key areas:

  • Having a team of skilled writers –  our current team is made up of 17 experienced writers.
  • Having a good understanding of the buyer and of the procurement process – we do this by having two experienced procurement experts as part of our team.
  • Having a tried and tested bid management system, and using skilled bid managers to oversee the work.


Our clients normally contact us when they are looking to bid for a specific tender. We then meet with them (or have a telephone conversation) to understand what they are looking for. This might be writing the whole bid, writing part of it, or just providing input during the bid writing process. We would then work through the questions in the tender to provide a price for the work. The price for producing a tender usually depends on three factors:

  1. The number and length of answers in the tender document
  2. How easy it is to get the “base material” for drafting the answers
  3. The timescale for the work

We then provide a proposal with a cost for completing the tender and a simple time-plan for the work. We will email you an invoice for the deposit as soon as you decide to proceed. Once this is paid work will start on the project.

Our Approach

Our normal approach for producing a tender is as follows:

  1. One of our bid managers and writers meets with you to get material to use in the bid.
  2. Our writers produce draft answers.
  3. One of our procurement consultants reviews the answers.
  4. Our bid manager liaises with you over any additional material needed.
  5. You review the draft bid and provide feedback.
  6. We make final amendments.
  7. You sign off the tender which is then uploaded.

Benefits of working with Silverlock

We work with a number of clients from many different industries in the UK. These include private, public and third sector organisations. These are some of the benefits we provide to our clients:

  • Increasing likelihood of winning bids/tenders
  • Submission of well-written, strong PQQs and tenders that are focused on what is important to the buyer
  • Freeing up staff time that would otherwise be required
  • Ability to take on the work at very short notice
  • Gaining new and improved skills/knowledge in bid writing and bid management
  • Developing well-written material for use in future bids
  • Reducing  stress associated with tender writing
  • Reducing time spent pursuing bids that  are unlikely to be won
  • Raising the profile and credibility the organisation

How to find out more

Just contact us on 0115 9266477 or send us a message via the “Contact us” page.