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    Increase your likelihood of winning a tender

    We increase your likelihood of success when tendering, and take the headache and legwork out of the tendering process for you.

    Our extensive experience of tendering has provided us with an excellent understanding of the buyer’s mindset, and we combine this with high quality writing and outstanding management of the bid process to ensure your best chance of success.

    Working closely in partnership with you, we will guide you through the process, and using the material you provide us with to create the strongest bid possible. Not only will this save you significant time, the process develops strong material for you to use in future bids, together with increasing the skills and knowledge within your business of the tender writing process.


    Our normal method when working with clients to draft a tender is as follows:

    1. Pricing

      You send us the tender documentation. We calculate the price of the work based on the time required to produce a strong tender. We send you a proposal for how we would do the work.

    2. Gathering base material

      If you decide to proceed, we meet with you to gather “base material” for our writers to use.

    3. Solution and pricing

      You work on your potential solution and the pricing.

    4. Drafting

      Our writers draft answers, drawing on the “base material” and liaising with you over any additional material required to produce a strong bid.

    5. Bid review

      You review the draft answers and provide feedback/additional information.

    6. Finalising

      Final amendments are made and the bid is uploaded.

    Whilst the above method illustrates how things typically happen, each client comes with their own particular needs. Each of our solutions is therefore based on your particular requirements. For some clients, this has meant writing a tender within an extremely short timescale. For others this has meant developing a library of draft answers for them to use when completing future tenders.

    Once we have received payment of a deposit for working on a tender, we will not work on the same tender for any other client where there only one winner. Where a tender is for a framework with many winners, we will occasionally work for more than one bidder using different writers on different bids.