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Tender and Bid Writing Services UK – Winning ITT Public Sector Tenders

Posted on: November 18th, 2019 by Dewi Hughes

Tender and Bid Writing Services UK

Sales are the lifeblood of any business.  If the main way you win sales in your industry is by tendering, then it is vital you do it well.

ITT Public Sector Tender Winning Tips

ITT documents can seem complex and confusing, but it is vital that suppliers follow them carefully if they are to win. They normally include a detailed questionnaire that suppliers must answer by a specific deadline.

When organisations buy things, they consider price, quality and various other factors (e.g. sustainability). Because the public sector tries to be fair and get good quality products for its money, it lays down rules and requirements in ‘Invitation to Tender’ (ITT) documents.

Tender Writing Derbyshire and Leicestershire UK Nationwide

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Established in 2009, Silverlock Tenders are experts in our field and also offer Tender Writing Training, Bid Writing Workshops and comprehensive Business Mentor services in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and UK Nationwide.

Meet The Winning Silverlock Team

Dewi Highes founded the Silverlock company in 2009, celebrating 11 years of business in 2020.

Read about the experienced Tender Writing Staff Members and how they contribute to the team individually and as a whole.

Winning public sector tenders – 3 Key points (other than price)

Whilst its always important that suppliers offer a competitive price, we find there are three other things that are vital to do to produce a strong tender:

  1. Understand the buyer’s requirements – so the supplier provides what the buyer is looking for.
  2. Write well – so that it’s easy for the evaluators to understand what is being offered.
  3. Manage the bid writing process – so that the supplier can produce a strong bid in a short timescale.

Failure in any of these will result in a poor tender that is less likely to win. The challenge for many SMEs is that they don’t have the resources or skills to meet the above requirements. As a result tenders are put together at the last minute by staff that hate writing and don’t provide what the buyer is looking for.

Tender and Bid Writing Services for UK SMEs – Contract Award Specialists

Silverlock offers 3 simple solutions to help SMEs win contacts:

  1. We train your staff in tender writing and bid management
  2. We produce a strong tender for you by working closely with you
  3. We review your draft bid and provide feedback and advice for strengthening it.

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